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Our Services

 We provide comprehensive care for all our patients, whether ACA, Medicare, or Medicaid.  From primary, to specialist care and even labs, diagnostics, dental and vision, our centers allow you to get more help with less hassle.

Primary Services

Internal Medicine

Family Medicine


Specialist Networks

Our network of specialists spans through many different medical fields. They are in direct communication with your primary care doctor to better understand your health needs and provide the best care for your health.


Sports Medicine







We conveniently have laboratory services available in each of our centers, providing ease of use and faster results for you and your doctor to evaluate.




Pap Smear

Urine & Stool



In-house diagnostic imaging is available in each of our centers, allowing you to get the care you need without  additional appointments and driving.





Pharmacy dispensaries are available onsite, making it easier for you to get the medicine you need on the spot.

Dental Network

We provide in-house dental services in key locations plus a large network of dental offices where you’ll enjoy major discounts.  From routine preventive care to diagnostics, lab and specialist care, all your dental needs are accounted for.


You’ll have access to in-house optometrists at key locations, plus a city-wide supportive vision network in our service areas.

Mental Health

Have peace of mind with in-house psychiatrists, family counselors, and an expansive network of mental health professionals to meet all your needs.

Physical Therapy

Whether you’re recovering from surgery, managing chronic pain or rehabbing an injury, our team of professional physical therapists are available at key locations to facilitate your recovery and improve your quality of life.

24-Hour care

When emergencies arise, our 24-hour care option is the best alternative to the ER. You’ll have around the clock access to our physicians and clinical staff who can assess your situation and get you the care you need, without a costly visit to the ER.


Our telemedicine services are available 7 days a week, allowing you to speak directly with your doctors and get the best care possible without ever leaving your home.

Health Management

Managing your health in chronic conditions requires special attention and care. That is why we have a variety of programs made to help our professionals better understand your condition (i.e., diabetes, obesity, weight management, etc.), help them identify symptoms, create a plan to better manage them and improve your overall health condition.

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Flexible appointments

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