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Your Visit

From the moment you walk into our centers, conveniently located throughout Florida, Texas and North Carolina, you will experience care like never before.


With minimal wait times and the ability to address all your health concerns at one of our centers, the days of driving around town to attend different doctors and specialists are over. Utilizing our in-house specialized services like labs, Rx dispensaries, and diagnostics, our PCP and specialists can receive the answers they need to address your specific health concerns and effectively prepare solutions that best suit your needs.

Come into the center that’s closest to you and experience the difference in health care. Whether you come through our doors or have a conversation with our 24-hour customer call center, you will experience the difference in service and the ease at which you can stay in touch with all of our health professionals.


Patient Safety

Now more than ever your safety is of our utmost importance, that is why we have adopted the following measures:
Physical distance requirements through signage around each center and on the flooring
Following CDC guidelines of face coverings and other measures
Timely cleaning of all surfaces and items frequently handled between patient visits
Protective panels in areas of patient/attendant interaction
Less required signatures during visits
Telehealth and at-home care services expanded for greater convenience and peace of mind

Accepted insurances

Your primary choice in care

Flexible appointments

Call — 888-726-5116