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About us

Centrum Heath is a new network of health centers built under the belief that our patients should be treated with the utmost respect. We believe that better health starts even before our patients step foot inside any of our many centers.  From the moment of first contact and at every step along the way while in our care, we pay attention to every detail. We have reinvented the entire health care experience.

As the pioneers in ACA patients care, we provide unparalleled service and care for every health need. We are leaders in preventive, health, physical, and mental health care, all under one roof and available in each of our centers, forever ending the agony of wasting time driving around the city and making endless appointments to address your health care needs.

 Our professionals are not only experts in their respective fields, but also have a long lasting commitment to the improvement of the health of their patients, bringing that commitment over to Centrum Health to provide the best care possible.

How we’re different:

We are the leading value-based health care provider for ACA, Medicare, and Medicaid populations.

We love being the pioneers in care for our ACA patients, and we also love caring for our Medicare and Medicaid patients. Our centers are equipped to handle every one of our patients’ health care needs.

Centralized care facilities and corporate offices located in Doral, FL. which allow for more comprehensive and effective service to all of our patients.

Come to one of our conveniently located centers and take care of all your preventive and health care needs.

Proprietary EMR system and robust quality HEDIS and risk performance and governance infrastructure.

We have developed our own software to better catalog, record, and maintain all patient information that will support the best care by our professionals.

Internal patient service & retention units providing support for new patient onboarding, health risk assessment & appointment scheduling.

Easy scheduling for all your appointments at your fingertips. No long phone calls hoping your appointment is still happening, or scheduling one after a long waiting period.

Currently managing approximately 140,000 patients across our operating centers in Florida, Texas and North Carolina, with new expansions launching in 2022.

Our continued expansion is proof that great things will continue to grow. We have established our centers in convenient locations throughout each city to better serve their community. 


Centrum Health APP
  • Telemedicine: You can receive care 7 days a week and speak to your doctor from the comfort of your own home, without the long wait. We also have video appointments available with any of our partnered physicians and specialists.
  • Patient engagement: Access test results, request prescription refill, and even receive in-app reminders to take your currently-prescribed medicine, so  you never miss a beat on improving your health. 
  • Preventive care goals: receive a health score based on the established activity like daily medication intake, activity, and more. Also find ways to improve both the current health and health score through in-app suggestions and prompts.
  • Schedule and cancel appointments within the app.
  • Receive app-related notifications like many of the daily apps people currently use.

Patient Safety

Now more than ever your safety is of our utmost importance, that is why we have adopted the following measures:
Physical distance requirements through signage around each center and on the flooring
Following CDC guidelines of face coverings and other measures
Timely cleaning of all surfaces and items frequently handled between patient visits
Protective panels in areas of patient/attendant interaction
Less required signatures during visits
Telehealth and at-home care services expanded for greater convenience and peace of mind

Your primary choice in care

Flexible appointments

Call — 888-726-5116